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Our team is our priority.
We have created an outstanding work environment.

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At POTLOC, it’s OK to :
Say « I don’t know » / Ask for more clarity
Stay at home when you feel ill / Say you don’t understand
Ask for acronyms stand for / Ask why, and why not
Forget things / Introduce yourself
Depend on the team / Not know everything
Have quiet days / Have loud days, to talk, joke and laugh
Put your headphones on / Say « No » when you’re too busy
Make mistakes / Sing
Not check your email out of house / Just Slack it
Ask someone face-to-face / Go somewhere else to concentrate
Offer feedback / Challenge things you’re not comfortable with
Say yes when anyone does a coffee run / Prefer tea
Have a messy desk / Have a tidy desk
Work how you like to work / Ask the management to fix it
Have off-days / Have days off

People first

We value our customers, employees & shareholders. We have created a great place to work.


Every day, we learn new things and improve our work.


We tell everything: there is no secret between us.


We work harder and harder to make Potloc a rocketship.


We have an outstanding team who loves to work hard but also play hard.

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