Frequently Asked Questions !

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Why should I choose my next retailers?

POTLOC allows you to choose the next retailers that will open in your neighborhood. This information allows retailers to determine what is the best location to open their future retail business. Your participation is the base of a participative commercial process. In one word:

  • You help retailers to open at the right location;
  • You help your neighborhood becoming more dynamic;
  • Your have brand new retailers around your home.

How can I choose the next retailers of my neighborhood?

The process is simple :

  1. Choose the project you would like to have in your neighborhood on the project page
  2. Discover and support the project
  3. Define the right location by clicking on the map at the place you would like to have this store.
  4. Confirm your support by clicking on « Confirm »

Why can’t I support the same retail project twice?

POTLOC allows you to support each project only once. Thanks to that restriction, POTLOC prevents somebody to claim several times the same project and distort the campaign's results. As you can understand, the objective of POTLOC is to give the most precise information as possible and can’t give distorted results to the entrepreneurs.

How do I register?

You already have an account:

  1. Click on "Connexion" in the top right hand corner.
  2. Register thanks to Facebook or with your email address and password.

You don't have an account:

  1. Click on "Connexion" in the top right hand corner.
  2. Create your account thanks to Facebook using the connexion button or click on "Subscribe" and fill the required fields.
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. You are connected!

Why do you need my personnal information?

Your personnal information are and will remain entirely private

We need those information for two main reasons:

  • To make sure that a single user can support each project only once so that no result is manipulated.
  • To give anonymous sociodemographic information to entrepreneurs in order to help them find the best location for their retail project.

How can I succeed the launching of my local business thanks to POTLOC?

To succeed in the launching of your new local business, two things are very important:

  1. Find the ideal location for your store, the location where your local business will fit a real demand.
  2. Spread the word in order to create a buzz and attract clients even before your opening.

To achieve these goals, we invite you to register your project on POTLOC. Your venture starts here !

How can I see the results?

You are a citizen:
Once you have supported a project, you can discover the ranking of your neighborhood. You will be able to know if your neighborhood is the first, or not. If not, invite your neighbors to support the very same project by sharing it on your social networks!

You have a retail business project on POTLOC:

  1. Click on « My account » in the top right-hand corner and click on « My project ».
  2. Then, click on « Stats » to discover your campaign’s results.

How could I contact you?

  • By using the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of the page
  • By email at the following address:
  • Thanks to our contact form : Here !
  • By phone: +1 (514) 379-6719.

What open source technologies are used on POTLOC’s website ?

To discover the list of open source technologies used on our website click on this link