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Location, location, location

Set up shop and optimise your business plan by understanding your current and potential local clientele.

Minimize your financial risks

Opening a new point of sale is an important financial investment, which is why it's worth solidifying your decison with reliable market research. Moving away from traditional theoretical research, POTLOC suggests you examine your future clientele in order to accurately measure their interest — find out how locals feel about you joining their neighbourhood or shopping centre before even signing a lease.

The indispensable tool for recruiting franchises.

Many chains have made the decision to expand their brand with franchising. The real hurdle is recruiting franchisees, for whom opening a new store can be a major financial risk. With POTLOC, give your franchisees the tools they need to succeed: understand consumer habits and validate local interest before lauching a new point of sale.

A lineup on opening day

Using its collaborative studies to mobilize clientele before opening day, POTLOC gives you the chance to create a client database built on their desire to shop with you — before your doors even open. This database will help you engage and retain your local community.

The client experience

Placing consumers at the heart of market research is paramount to establishing a client experience that responds to the local demand.

Custom-made survey

We produce an entirely personalized survey for each project. It is hosted on and adapted for all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets. Thanks to its simple and modern interface, POTLOC's studies are made to be easy-to-use.

The campaign

In order to obtain a statistically representative sample, POTLOC creates a sponsored campaign online. The campaign is geolocated to target the desired neighbourhood until the campaign goals have been reached. POTLOC guarantees audience participation.

A detailed portrait of local demand

While the majority of players in the commerce industry utilize the same generic macroeconomic data, POTLOC analyses market research for real consumer needs: quantitative and qualitative.

Sociodemographic profiles

Age, gender, number of children, mode of transportation, location: the local demand correlates with various sociodemographic profiles

Analyse the competition

Frequently-visited businesses, frequency of visits, average buying power, strong points, weaknesses: discover how to differentiate yourself from what is currently being offered.

Interest in your brand

If my business were to open, would you come? If yes, how often? How much would you spend on an average visit? Obtain the answers you really need from your future clientele.

A database of ambassadors

By surveying thousants of local consumers, you will build a database of ambassadors, ready to invest in your brand.

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