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Faubourg Carignan shopping mall

Successfully develop your shopping centre with new business

Fight against commercial vacancy: be proactive in your search for tenants


Rely on a more modern approach to data than traditional data compilations to attract new tenants in your properties :

  • Find out which brands consumers are asking for within a specific trade area;
  • Measure the local demand of your future tenants with thousands of consumer insights;
  • Convince them to invest by proving their target customers are already shopping in your property.
Discover how the Groupe Mach is using geo-targeted commercial data to attract retailers in their new commercial development

Operations Management & Marketing

Reposition your property by surveying your shoppers and non-shoppers:

  • Get a detailed diagnosis : measure your store’s NPS and your current clientele satisfaction;
  • Increase your traffic by surveying thousands of non-shoppers in your trade area and understanding their current behaviour;
  • Test the relevance of offering new services to retain your current clientele and attract new clients.
Discover how Cogir and Partners Reit use geo-targeted data to reposition their shopping mall

Property Developments

POTLOC accurately gathers and measures input from the large and diverse community that a potential development impacts. POTLOC market surveys facilitate faster approvals and help you get ahead of and lower the temperature on contentious debates, eliminating NIMBY resistance and shortening the time and money required to obtain project approval Get approval on your project by demonstrating the engagement from the surrounding neighborhood:

  • Use better data, information and nonpartisan analysis;
  • Facilitate your financing by presenting a detailed feasibility study demonstrating your project's ROI.
Discover how BNP Paribas Real Estate get the pre-approval from the City of paris thank to POTLOC insights


In three easy steps.

1. Custom-made surveys

We produce an entirely personalized survey for each project. It is hosted on potloc.com and adapted for all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets. Thanks to its simple and modern interface, POTLOC's studies are made to be easy-to-use.

2. The campaign

In order to obtain a statistically representative sample, POTLOC creates a sponsored campaign online. The campaign is geolocated to target the desired neighborhood until the campaign goals have been reached. POTLOC guarantees audience participation.

3. A detailed portrait of local demand

While the majority of players in the commerce industry utilize the same generic macroeconomic data, POTLOC analyzes market research for real consumer needs: quantitative and qualitative.

Sociodemographic profiles

Age, gender, number of children, mode of transportation, location: the local demand is correlated with various sociodemographic profiles.

Consumer habits

Frequency, buying power, businesses they currently visit, the customer experience (NPS): discover how your clients shop.

Expressed needs

Discover which businesses are the highest in demand and use this information the next time you're recruiting for commercial spaces.

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