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Fight against desertification: be proactive in your commercial development

The solution that fights vacancy

Many municipalities are facing desertification in their downtown cores and commercial arteries. As dark and empty storefronts multiply, it is crucial to fight this vicious cycle as quickly as possible.

Intelligent commercial recruiting

Wash your hands of useless, theoretical market research. POTLOC's collaborative approach will allow you to get to know your citizens and build a city that responds to them. POTLOC's findings will help you attract new businesses in your area.

The commercial democracy

Including citizens in the revitalization of their neighborhoods is paramonunt to co-constructing a healthy downtown core.

Custom-made survey

We produce an entirely personalized survey for each project. It is hosted on potloc.com and adapted for all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets. Thanks to its simple and modern interface, POTLOC's studies are made to be easy-to-use.

The campaign

In order to obtain a statistically representative sample, POTLOC creates a sponsored campaign online. The campaign is geolocated to target the desired neighborhood until the campaign goals have been reached. POTLOC guarantees audience participation.

A detailed portrait of the local dynamic

While the majority of players in the commerce industry utilize the same generic macroeconomic data, POTLOC analyzes market research for real consumer needs: quantitative and qualitative.

Sociodemographic profiles

Age, gender, number of children, mode of transportation, location: the local demand is correlated with various sociodemographic profiles.

Consumer habits

Frequency, buying power, businesses they currently visit: discover how the local clientele shops.

Expressed needs

Discover which businesses are the highest in demand and use this information the next time you're recruiting for commercial spaces.

The right business in the right place

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