Our product

We survey people in specific locations to understand what they think & want

Our methodology

We have reinvented the way to do surveys. We intercept people:

When they have down time

Consumers have no time to take surveys. Phone surveys, street intercepts, emails etc.: the timing is always bad. We solicit consumers at the perfect moment: when they are browsing their social media feed.

On topics they care about

Consumers have no interest in taking surveys. This is why we survey consumers on topics they actually care about. Brands, retail stores, shopping mall, urban development: we only talk about community driven topics.

In highly targeted geofenced areas

89% of consumers declare having a strong sense of belonging to their city/neighborhood and want to have a positive impact. We allow them to voice their opinion.


Make insight-driven decisions with our powerful customer analytics platform

01 Improve customer retention & loyalty
Frequency of visits
Shopper motivation & habits
Satisfaction KPIs
02 Optimize customer acquisition
Non-shopper Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Communication Channels
03 Drive Innovation & Social
Desired services
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Brand equity
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