Make your neighborhood your own. Voice your opinion

Cities, retailers, and property developers submit their questions to locals using our platform.

You are then invited to express your views on local projects and share opinions on the retail experiences in your neighborhood or city.

Your opinion will be used to develop a local offer that suits your needs and create the neighbourhood of your dreams.


POTLOC is a team of engineers and marketers passionate about the future, technological innovation and collective intelligence. We think the value of a business sits in its community.

We are making consumer research accessible, scalable and continuous by enabling a constant stream of information between the businesses and their audiences.

This is how we create a community driven world.

Help your neighborhood get better

If you have lived in the same neighborhood or city for quite a long time, you certainly have a good idea of what types of local businesses work well, which ones are missing and why. This collective hyperlocal intelligence is priceless.

We invite you to join the community and share your insights with your local businesses to have a positive impact on your neighborhood.

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