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Set up shop and optimize your business plan by understanding your current and potential local clientele.

Identify the perfect neighborhood

Before investing your lifespan savings, only one entrepreneur out of five picked his location based on concrete data. Very hard to believe when you know that 66% of local businesses close in their first 5 years mainly because of a bad location. The location of your future store is the most important choice you will have to make : do not base your decision upon your intuition. POTLOC helps you to measure the interest of local population to see your business open in their neighborhood.

Minimize your financial risks

Opening a new point of sale is an important financial investment, which is why it's worth solidifying your decison with reliable market research. Moving away from traditional theoretical research, POTLOC suggests you to examine your future clientele in order to accurately measure their interest — find out how locals feel about you joining their neighborhood or shopping centre before even signing a lease.

Make your own participative market study

POTLOC allows you to probe your potential clients for your retail project. The concept is simple : register your project online and share your campaign to the largest audience possible in order to reach citizens from one or several neighborhoods.

Create a community

We help you build a communication strategy in order to get as many persons as possible. POTLOC will guide you during your entire campaign and inform your supporters with your most recent project's updates.

A lineup on opening day

Using its collaborative studies to mobilize clientele before opening day, POTLOC gives you the chance to create a client database built on their desire to shop with you — before your doors even open. This database will help you to engage and retain your local community.

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Validation of your project

Arouse interest among local population and validate local demand for your retail project

Interactive map of the demand

Identify the neighborhoods where citizens are asking for you and determine the feasibility of your project based on local characteristics

Engaged clientele

Thanks to your campaign, the members of your community participate to your success by promoting it around them.

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