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Traditional market research only observes. At Potloc, we ask.

01 Improve customer retention & loyalty
"Why are you going to this specific store?"
"What do you like and dislike there?"
"Will you ever come back?"
02 Optimize customer acquisition
"Have you ever heard about that brand?"
"What do you think about it?"
"Why aren't you a customer already?"
03 Drive innovation
"What new services would you like to have?"
"Would you come more often?"
"Would you tell your friends about it?"
potloc key benefits

Understanding your customers is the most important thing

our methodology
We remove all survey biases

Incentivized respondents, heavy weightings: traditional methodologies are highly biased and can give misleading insights. At Potloc, we remove all survey biases.

Surveying both shoppers & non-shoppers

Even with sophisticated internal programs, brands are rarely able to get insights from their non-shoppers. At Potloc, we survey them.

In highly targeted geofenced areas

Picture yourself being in the street and intercepting people: this is what we do virtually on social media. A postal code, a radius of 5km or an entire city, we get a representative sample in the area of your choice.

Trusted by forward-thinking brands around the world

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