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Our Mission

Our mission is to allow citizens to personalize their neighbourhood by giving their opinion on the local commercial offer. By gathering thousands of customer insights, we allow citizens to have an impact on their local environment while businesses can adapt to their needs. We organize massive crowdsourcing campaigns on social networks and crunch the data to help cities, real estate companies and retailers in their development.

Our Values

At POTLOC, we believe in knowledge sharing. On both human and economic aspects, we think that the hyperlocal collective intelligence is priceless in order to co-create a local environment that fits our common needs. At POTLOC, we believe in transparency. When cities, retailers and real estate companies share their projects with citizens, they are more likely to get consistent feedbacks early stage in order to create a project that will perfectly fit into the local community.

Our Vision

At POTLOC, we also believe in ambition. The ambition of mayors to create cities of tomorrow. The ambition of retailers to create unique places, common denominator of our society. The ambition of real estate companies to create spaces where the consumers is at the heart of the experience. And our ambition. Our ambition to be the link between these different players: encourage them to talk to each other and co-create our future.