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Our team of research experts takes the time to present the key insights of your study. Then you have access to Potloc’s interactive dashboard where you dig deeper into your own data. Manipulate it, any way you see fit - and find answers you may not have been looking for. Clearly understand the actions you need to take to drive revenue - and the impact if you don’t.

Potloc dashboard showcasing insights on competitive analysis, customer satisfaction, shopper's habits and where customers live

It’s all in the comments


Explore pre-categorized qualitative comments, highlighting important themes.


Read comments left by your shoppers and non-shoppers and reply to them from our dashboard.


Filter by social demographics, clientele typology, level of satisfaction to send personalized messages to specific consumer groups.


Develop a new communication channel with highly engaged consumers.

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Frequently asked questions

The results of your study are available on our interactive dashboard. You can peruse your key insights at a glance, or dive deep into your respondent's socio-demographic profile.
Each survey can be shared with individuals in your organization by using the “Share” function in the dashboard.
On the dashboard, you’ll find the initial survey along with a detailed socio-demographic profile of your respondents that includes maps with their location. You’ll be able to see results for each of your questions with charts and graphs that you can dissect and display in various ways, as well as your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Respondent’s comments are organized in various categories, and a “Key results” section outlines insights that help you get the big picture before you drill down into more specific results.
Yes, as many as you want. Understanding consumers should be an ongoing task and not just for when you’re in trouble. You can gather customer feedback over time and see your net promoter score (NPS) progress with each of your initiatives.