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Cities, retailers, and property developers submit their questions to locals using our platform.

You are then invited to express your views on local projects and share opinions on the retail experiences in your neighborhood or city.

Your opinion will be used to develop a local offer that suits your needs and create the neighbourhood of your dreams.

If you have lived in the same neighborhood or city for quite a long time, you certainly have a good idea of what types of local businesses work well, which ones are missing and why. This collective hyperlocal intelligence is priceless.

We invite you to join the community and share your insights with your local businesses to have a positive impact on your neighborhood.

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Your opinions on your neighbourhood have a direct impact on its current and potential commercial offerings. The information you bring allows property developers, municipalities and merchants to make decisions that aim to respond to your needs as a consumer.

Essentially, you are participating in the revitalization of your neighbourhood; you help shop owners develop custom offerings, and you become an active participant in constructing commercial spaces that resonate with you.

There are two scenarios in which you can give your opinion on your neighbourhood:

  • A city, a retailer or a real estate developer has commissioned a survey in your geographic area and you will be solicited on social media. Complete the geotargeted survey to give feedback on the ongoing campaign. The municipality, business or property manager that hired Potloc to conduct the study will take these answers into account. You can then choose whether you want to stay connected to the community, and maybe be surveyed again should another study take place in your area.
  • There isn’t a specific study in progress, but we welcome you to give your opinion all the same by completing a generic survey. Your participation is anonymous, and we will provide this information to professionals who may be interested in establishing businesses in your area in the future. This data will be consolidated and will provide an understanding of the overarching trends in consumer expectations on a local scale.

In our studies, your answers are cross-referenced with the other participants’ so we may extrapolate tendencies, create graphs and analyze the participants as a whole. Each answer is anonymous, and your personal information is (and will remain) entirely confidential. Each piece of information you provide is rendered anonymous and cannot be traced, from your email to your income bracket and all other personal details.

We need your personal information for two main reasons:

  • We need to ascertain that each participant only completes the survey once so that results aren’t biased with duplicate results.
  • Your personal information allows us to give anonymous sociodemographic information about the population to those who mandated the survey. For all other information about the conditions surrounding utilizing the shared data, refer to our terms of service. If you want to know more about the nature of the personal data Potloc holds, or if you wish to delete all your personal information from our database, please contact us at