Why Stadiums Need to Listen to Sports Fans

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Across North America, stadium audiences are dropping sharply. The Major League Baseball (MLB) loses nearly a million spectators a year. The National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL) are undergoing a similar situation.…

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How To Use Scarcity To Increase Sales

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You have probably noticed that some retail stores and restaurants limit the number of items they have in stock, the number of tables they can serve or even their opening hours. Such creates “scarcity”, and…

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20 influencers in the world of retail in Canada

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We at POTLOC would like to take the time to recognize Canadian industry professionals whose influence can be felt throughout the world of retail. Whether it’s developing new software that disrupts the retail industry, revitalizing…

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Are Malls Turning into Disneyland for Adults?

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The traditional mall shopping experience as you know it is changing. Due to the rise of online shopping many malls suffered and were forced to close. Consumers expect more, wanting not just to shop but…

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How DIY Surveys and online polls disrupt the market research industry

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The world’s leading survey provider, Survey Monkey, went public on September 26th, 2018 to the tune of $1.5 billion. Google Consumer Surveys has reached 50 countries, and Instagram makes polling users instant and engaging. While…

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Honey I Shrunk the Store!

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It is no secret that the North American retail landscape has faced some challenges in recent years. Consumption patterns have changed due to increasing inventory costs, the emergence of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, stagnant…

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