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How To Deliver A Great Customer Experience On A Consistent Basis

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Delivering a great customer experience is not that difficult for a small shopkeeper who doesn’t have any employees. It’s all about knowing the products, understanding the customers and doing the right thing for them. When…

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3 Approaches to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Businesses that consistently deliver quality services or products to their respective markets usually have mastered the art of customer satisfaction. This is not a walk in the park. Sustained customer satisfaction means that you have…

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How Rewards Programs Are Changing Consumer Research

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Loyalty programs are nothing new, in fact they date back a century ago. A notable, early effort was the US-based S&H Green Stamp program in the 1930’s. Consumers were provided with small stamps when they…

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Why Customer Intercept Can Be A Great Tool For Retailers… Despite Its Limitations

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Have you ever been asked to provide feedback on your shopping experience at the mall? By a real human that is? Chances are you took part in an intercept survey. An intercept survey is a…

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The 10 advantages of POTLOC consumer studies

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Let’s be frank: everyone hates surveys. Consumers don’t have the time (or the interest) to give you feedback. So how on earth does POTLOC miraculously convince thousands of consumers to participate in their surveys every…

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Are ethical shoppers really just trendy hypocrites?

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Shopping ethically has never been more popular than it is now. At least, that’s what studies seem to suggest. In 2013, only 2% of consumers were interested in a sustainable lifestyle. Today, the response is…

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