THE RESULTS SECTION : Our tips for understanding and exploiting your data

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Your study gives you a large amount of data. Here are some tips for understanding and using them.   Our data analysts select the most relevant data and organize results so you can read through…

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How To Deliver A Great Customer Experience On A Consistent Basis

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Delivering a great customer experience is not that difficult for a small shopkeeper who doesn’t have any employees. It’s all about knowing the products, understanding the customers and doing the right thing for them. When…

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3 Approaches to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Businesses that consistently deliver quality services or products to their respective markets usually have mastered the art of customer satisfaction. This is not a walk in the park. Sustained customer satisfaction means that you have…

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How Customer Experience Research Pays Off

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In the business environment, there is a huge gap between the experiences that customers want and whatever organizations are giving them.   Over 67% of customers cite bad experience as the reason for turnover, though…

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The Rise of Social Media Surveys

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Social media surveys aren’t much different from the mail surveys of the old days; they are, after all, lists of questions people can answer by themselves. However, instead of being sent by mail, those online…

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Retailers Are Increasingly Leveraging Their Email List to Get Customer Insights

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Why Emails Lists Are Still A Huge Assets for Retailers Email lists aren’t dead. While it’s not a new marketing channel and open rates have been dimnishing, email lists are still highly strategic for most…

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