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Web Panels: Benefits and Limitations

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In the last fifteen years, web panels have been described as an efficient method in market surveys. You might have guessed that the massive adoption of the internet and computing applications among the general public…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Time at MAPIC in Cannes


The next edition of the MAPIC international trade fair will take place from November 14 to 16 in Cannes. It is organized by Reed MIDEM, a professional event planner in France, and is an annual…

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From Food Court To Eatertainment


As malls are turning into entertainment centres, the traditional food court is getting a makeover. Malls now strive to offer their customers a higher-quality food experience, with better restaurants establishing themselves in shopping centres.  …

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10 New Technologies That Will Disrupt Consumer Research

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Consumer research is currently undergoing a transformation due to a number of emerging technologies. Here are ten noteworthy aspects of this revolution that will tremendously help market researchers in the near future. Artificial Intelligence According…

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Are Malls Turning into Disneyland for Adults?

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The traditional mall shopping experience as you know it is changing. Due to the rise of online shopping many malls suffered and were forced to close. Consumers expect more, wanting not just to shop but…

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5 strategies to get your customers’ emails

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The mailing list has not gotten the love it deserves. The Direct Marketing Association found that, for every one dollar invested in email marketing, there was a $39.40 return. Furthermore, retailers that grow their email…

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