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Why Stadiums Need to Listen to Sports Fans

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Across North America, stadium audiences are dropping sharply. The Major League Baseball (MLB) loses nearly a million spectators a year. The National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL) are undergoing a similar situation.…

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What’s the Use? Mixing up mixed-use developments

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Harmoniously assembling commercial, residential and entertainment elements in a given space is a meticulous balancing act and can leave realtors scratching their heads. William Logar, Vice President of Development Sett Capital, commented at the Canadian…

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How To Convince Ecommerce Retailers To Open In Your Location And How To Work With Them

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Three years ago, Frank And Oak made some noise by opening shops in several Canadian malls. The Montreal-based digital native apparel retailer which specializes in millennial fashion opened stores at CF Carrefour Laval in Laval,…

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Web Panels: Benefits and Limitations

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In the last fifteen years, web panels have been described as an efficient method in market surveys. You might have guessed that the massive adoption of the internet and computing applications among the general public…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Time at MAPIC in Cannes


The next edition of the MAPIC international trade fair will take place from November 14 to 16 in Cannes. It is organized by Reed MIDEM, a professional event planner in France, and is an annual…

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Measuring Sales per square foot in an Omni-Channel World

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An interesting reality is taking shape these days in the retail world.   How do shopping mall owners, and retailers, across Canada – and the United States – adjust their way of thinking when it…

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