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Cannabis Retail Market Trends

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Although cannabis for recreational use has been legal for three months, dispensaries across the main provinces will have to wait until April 1, 2019, to set up shop. In the meantime, private independent cannabis companies…

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Why Stadiums Need to Listen to Sports Fans

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Across North America, stadium audiences are dropping sharply. The Major League Baseball (MLB) loses nearly a million spectators a year. The National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL) are undergoing a similar situation.…

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Why The Luxury Retail Segment Is Exploding In Canada

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The Canadian luxury retail market is red hot right now. Indeed, there has has been an increase of upscale brands opening flagship stores in major cities (especially Toronto and Vancouver) over the last three years,…

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The Rise of Grocerytainment


These days the grocery store has become much more than just a place to buy food and household goods.   It’s now a social gathering place – and in some cases even a place to…

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The Rise of Social Media Surveys

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Social media surveys aren’t much different from the mail surveys of the old days; they are, after all, lists of questions people can answer by themselves. However, instead of being sent by mail, those online…

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How To Use Scarcity To Increase Sales

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You have probably noticed that some retail stores and restaurants limit the number of items they have in stock, the number of tables they can serve or even their opening hours. Such creates “scarcity”, and…

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