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Retailers Are Increasingly Leveraging Their Email List to Get Customer Insights

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Why Emails Lists Are Still A Huge Assets for Retailers Email lists aren’t dead. While it’s not a new marketing channel and open rates have…

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How Rewards Programs Are Changing Consumer Research

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Loyalty programs are nothing new, in fact they date back a century ago. A notable, early effort was the US-based S&H Green Stamp program in…

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The democratization of consumer research is accelerating


The marketing research industry is facing several headwinds. Still, it has never been easier and as inexpensive to get consumer opinion. Not only is it…

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It all started with a game. In 2014, Rodolphe Barrere and Louis Delaoustre liked to predict the survival or death of businesses in their neighbourhoods.…

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Why Customer Intercept Can Be A Great Tool For Retailers… Despite Its Limitations

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Have you ever been asked to provide feedback on your shopping experience at the mall? By a real human that is? Chances are you took…

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20 influencers in the world of retail in Canada

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We at POTLOC would like to take the time to recognize Canadian industry professionals whose influence can be felt throughout the world of retail. Whether…

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