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How To Deliver A Great Customer Experience On A Consistent Basis

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Delivering a great customer experience is not that difficult for a small shopkeeper who doesn’t have any employees. It’s all about knowing the products, understanding the customers and doing the right thing for them. When…

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The Rise of Pay to Play Retailers

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Pay-to-play retailers, often referred to as “members-only” stores have come a long way. Historically the concept of purchasing membership to access specific retail environments was limited to warehouse clubs. Today, various retailers are using this…

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3 Approaches to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Businesses that consistently deliver quality services or products to their respective markets usually have mastered the art of customer satisfaction. This is not a walk in the park. Sustained customer satisfaction means that you have…

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How To Combine Business Results and Pleasure at the ICSC Whistler Conference

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The ICSC Whistler Conference, which takes place January 27-29 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort, is a must for North American real estate and retail professionals. Not only is it one of the most sought…

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How Customer Experience Research Pays Off

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In the business environment, there is a huge gap between the experiences that customers want and whatever organizations are giving them.   Over 67% of customers cite bad experience as the reason for turnover, though…

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Why Retailers Of All Sizes Are Investing In Innovation Labs

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In an increasingly digital world, retailers are exploring new ways to disrupt the system and grab the attention of customers. One popular choice in recent times has been retail innovation labs.   Why are retailers…

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