Rock Retail, Eat Data
Computer Learning

How Machine Learning Will Turn Consumer Data Into Gold

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In this modern era, almost everything we do generates data. That includes purchasing goods online and offline. Understanding these huge volumes of data goes beyond human capabilities, hence retailers can deploy machine learning solutions to…

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Facial and Emotion Recognition Now Allows Retailers to Accompany Customers Inside Stores

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You may remember the movie “Minority Report” in which the irises of pedestrians are scanned in public spaces. In 2019, the technology is no longer a distant reality, and that includes the retail sector.  …

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Three innovations that will change retail forever

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Not a day passes by without a new innovation in retail.   We have examined the major market trends and identified three innovations from the best retailers that are revolutionizing the customer experience.   1…

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How To Deliver A Great Customer Experience On A Consistent Basis

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Delivering a great customer experience is not that difficult for a small shopkeeper who doesn’t have any employees. It’s all about knowing the products, understanding the customers and always doing the right thing for them.…

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The Rise of Pay to Play Retailers

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Pay-to-play retailers, often referred to as “members-only” stores have come a long way. Historically the concept of purchasing membership to access specific retail environments was limited to warehouse clubs. Today, various retailers are using this…

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Approaches to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Businesses that consistently deliver quality services or products to their respective markets usually have mastered the art of customer satisfaction. This is not often a walk in the park. Sustained customer satisfaction means that you…

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