Rock Retail, Eat Data

Light at the end of the tunnel for shopping centres struggling to fill vacant anchor tenants

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Large spaces formerly occupied by anchor tenants continue to sit unclaimed in Canadian shopping centres. However, there is hope amid the stressful times for retail…

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Getting Lost At The Mall? Maybe Not For Much Longer

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Have you ever gotten lost at the mall? Most likely. Some say it’s part of the game; however a number of shopping centres are implementing…

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Why successful retailers are opening in front of their main competitors?

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You’ve probably noticed many stores tend to cluster in one specific spot, with similar product and service offerings. While it might seem more logical for…

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Retailers: Five Non-Negotiable Expectations of the Future Clients

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The needs of tomorrow must be identified today. What made a business stand out yesterday is now industry standard. How you remain competitive is unique…

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Honey I Shrunk the Store!

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It is no secret that the North American retail landscape has faced some challenges in recent years. Consumption patterns have changed due to increasing inventory…

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How to find a killer retail location

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If you’re a retailer expanding into a market or expanding your footprint, location is a key consideration—perhaps even the most important one.   There’s an…

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