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4 Golden rules of retail survival


In a complex world, being intelligent means ignoring the irrelevant rather than accumulating an abundance of information. Yet retailers rely on increasingly more complex data in order to act. Almost all of their forecasts turn…

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Clicks to Bricks: Why Do Online Retailers Go Physical?

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There is recent phenomenon which is sometimes called “clicks to bricks”. In other words: online retailers building physical stores. A report by Jones Lang LaSalle points that digitally native brands such as Casper, Adore Me…

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The elephant in the room: how Big Data at FAANG could eat the market research industry for breakfast

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The Market Research Industry hit the $45USD billion mark in 2017. However, growth is slowing, decreasing to 2% since 2015. Companies are hungrier than ever for constant insights into consumer behaviour, feedback on usage and…

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Measuring Sales per square foot in an Omni-Channel World

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An interesting reality is taking shape these days in the retail world.   How do shopping mall owners, and retailers, across Canada – and the United States – adjust their way of thinking when it…

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From Food Court To Eatertainment


As malls are turning into entertainment centres, the traditional food court is getting a makeover. Malls now strive to offer their customers a higher-quality food experience, with better restaurants establishing themselves in shopping centres.  …

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Millennials’ true impact on retail

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Rethinking our relationship with Millennials Over the past several years, the professional sphere has been in a state of panic, meticulously preparing for the day Millennials would arrive on the consumer market. Young consumers born…

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