Before selling your products to your customers, you have to sell them your concept, your idea and, above all, your brand. You have to seduce your audience by creating a unique name along with a unique image. It will allow you to establish your presence in the market. That brand identity you have to create is crucial and will determine your ability to attract and retain your customers.
Here are few advices if you want to create a winning brand identity and seduce your audience:

1) Branding: define your identity

It is one of the most important aspects of your new business: your brand represents who you are and how you want to be perceived by your customers. Take all the time you need to create an effective brand strategy: you have to convince customers to choose your brand over others. Here you can find some of the factors you have to consider:

Define the mission. The mission is a brief statement that defines the reason for your business existence. It should answer the following questions: what qualities do you want your customers to associate with your company? What are the benefits and components of your products? Discover how to select carefully your products. You are not going to communicate your mission, but it is going to guide your strategic actions. For these reasons, your mission is not evergreen and may evolve over time

Naming: it is the foundation of your brand, so your name has to be carefully selected. Keep in mind that there is no perfect name. Here a few tips that will help you to come up with a good name: ask a lot around you and go shorter, it should be easy to say and it has to be easy to remember. At the end of the day, the good name is the one you are willing to repeat a hundred times a day without being upset.

Create your brand book. This part is really important because it set-ups the rules you have to follow to keep your brand identity consistent. It defines what the public sees of your business. If you have the skills to do it yourself, try your luck but, if you don’t, it is crucial to hire a communication agency. Even if it seems sometimes obvious, what a communication agency does cannot be done by an amateur. In your brand book, you will have: your logo, your color palette, your fonts and typography, your brand images, the tone of voice of your brand and how all these elements are going to be gathered and used.


2) Attract customers into your store

You already know how important is to have a great location if you want to attract customers to visit your store. But it is not enough. You have to give them a reason to come inside and buy your products. Let’s start with the basics :

Have a great window display: it is your invitation to your customers. A well-designed window display will catch customers’ attention. It shows that you are unique and special. If you catch the passerby’s eye, he will probably turn into a visitor and, if you do your job properly, a customer. So take your time to work on it.

Put your best products out front. To catch passerby’s attention, show them your best products, the ones you sell the more. These products are more likely to attract traffic if they are already performing well. Once they will be inside, you will have the opportunity to make them discover your other products. In one word, show them your mouth-watering products and make them want to discover more.

Use street signs. You can pset-up a portable sign on your parking lot, in front of the entrance or on the street.  The goal of these signs is not to sell but to guide your customer inside the store. Invite them to try your new hot chocolate for free or to ride your new bicycle. Once a client has actually tried one of your product, he feels like he owes you something and is three times more likely to purchase. So do not hesitate one second, give samples away for free!


3) Your store needs to be attractive.

It is very true what everyone says: the first impression is a lasting impression! How to ensure your clients a good first impression?

Work on merchandising: you have to design and organize your store to optimize your customers’ experience. They have to discover all your products but in a certain order. The more products customers see, the more they will buy. Keep in mind that what enables the brick and mortar stores to survive is the fact that the clients are looking for an experience they cannot have online. Make them touch, feel, smell, taste, try your products and create a personalized relationship between them and you or your staff.

Lighting. It impacts on every aspect of the retail experience, from brand and product perception to consumer engagement and mood. In fact, light will push customers to consider items that they would not necessarily have purchased before. Pay attention to this strategic factor to enhance your featured products!

Top products on the best shelves. Play the winners. If you have some star products, do not hesitate to give them a central position inside your store.

Customer service: Your team has to be prepared to make your customers satisfied. They have to be able to explain the products and guide the clients during their visit. Being friendly is one of the best ways to develop customer loyalty. If you need more information about how to build a winning team, click here.

4) Advertising

It is extremely important to get your business advertised in all the right places. Of course, it depends on your budget, but here are a few options that suit all budgets.

Web marketing: using social networks to advertise your business is a great idea. It is an inexpensive tool and one of the most effective ways to connect with customers instantly. At this point, you should already have your business’ social media accounts ready. Maybe even a website. So if you don’t, it is about time…

Keep in mind that your social media pages have to be updated on a regular basis otherwise your followers won’t be engaged and will become useless. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn… Possibilities are endless, make sure you pick the good ones, according to your target audience, and focus your efforts on the most effective ones.

Newspaper ads, local radios : use the local medias to announce your opening, your sales and invite the community to come and visit you. Local medias are always happy to speak about new local businesses; it is fresh news for them so take advantage of it.

Coupons: It is a good idea to give to your customers a discount for their next purchases. It will encourage them to pay you a second visit. Try to make it sound exclusive, people like to feel they are special. If you need more information about how to build customer loyalty, click here.

Participate actively in your neighborhood. You can always become an active member of your community by sponsoring local activities or hosting charity events. This can be done easily with a very small budget and it is a good way to achieve a powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

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