It is time to build your winning team. If you can manage to take care of things on your own, you can skip this part, but if you decide to take an additional help, you have to be very careful. Your staff will be the mirror of your business and it is just as important as your products! Customer service is one of the key factors of success in retail. Here are some factors you must consider while hiring people.

1) Determine your needs
Before you even start finding the one on a million, you have to be patient and understand what your needs in HR are. Here are some topics of particular interest:

     • Define the tasks: You have to know what are the tasks your workers would have to manage other than sales. For instance, they will learn how to handle returns and exchanges, take inventory, prepare displays, stock shelves or racks, take care of delivery, etc.

     • Find your sale approach: Do your employees need to have a special knowledge about the products? How are they going to greet your customers? How are you going to create a customer profile records?

     • Determine your opening hours. Usually the concentration of sales at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week, will affect staffing needs. You can observe your competitors hours and analyse which day and what hours are the busiest.

     • How many people do you need? It depends of the size of your facility: how many floors do you have? It also depends on the complexity of the product: if there is very complicated, your employees are going to spend a lot of time with the customer providing them information about the product. Other factors that have an impact in your staff number are the opening hours and the sales density.  But the most important thing to remember is you have to hire as many people it takes to ensure the best customer service.

2) Which skills should you look for?

As said before, you have to choose your staff wisely: they are as important as your products. Here are some of the qualifications and skills your staff should have if you don’t want to take any risks:
     • initiative
     • problem-solving skills
     • willingness to learn or experience in the trade area
     • listening
     • results oriented
     • people oriented

3) Some best practices on interviewing candidates

     • Do a store visit: you can show them the environment, the product and if you have already some employees, you can observe how they interact with them.

     • Do more than one interview: if you could include your partners or advisors, it will be perfect. It is always better to have multiple perspectives about a candidate.

     • Role play: it is one of the most efficient tools while doing retail interviews. It allows you to see how he interacts with customers and you will show him the sales approach you expect.

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