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1) Is retail right for you?

Before even thinking about launching your own retail business, it is important to make sure you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
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2) What product are you going to sell?

You have decided to start your own retail business. Congratulations! Now you have to figure out one of the most difficult decision you will need to make: what product will to sell? How can I pick the right one?
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3) Finding the perfect location

Whereas a good location may not ensure success, a bad location will almost guarantee failure. That is why this part is crucial: as a new retail business you need to be where your customers are. It goes without saying, you need to take your time to figure out where you want to open.
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4) Figure out your finances

It is crucial to make a financial plan before you even launch your project. Once you have analysed the market, and the industry you should have a good idea of the prices and the demand.
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5) Marketing and communication strategy

You have to determine a marketing and communication strategy to be sure that your business will penetrate your target market.Of course, if the consumers don’t know about your business, you can’t stay in business very long. It is your turn to spread the word!
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6) Hiring employees

Your customers will be able to form for themselves a conception of how valuable is your store by evaluating its sales force. That is why you must choose your workers wisely: find people who can sell and keep your customers satisfied. Remember: your staff is just as important as your products!
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7) Launching

The launching is key. You have to be ready when welcoming your first clients otherwise they will never come back. The first few months are crucial: your store needs to draw attention in the early days. Keep in mind that traffic generates traffic.
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