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When people talk about successful entrepreneurs they use to think about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. It might be inspiring, but honestly it is also intimidating: do I have to be born a prodigy? Do I need to have a superhuman intelligence to create a masterpiece?
The answer is no. Alyson the baker at the end of the street, who opened her bakery 10 years ago and always have a line-up in front of her store, is also a successful entrepreneur. Or John, who opened a concept store that looks like an art gallery without being one. Same for Nathalie and Jason who opened a fine food store a few years ago…

You don’t have to be a genius to be a successful entrepreneur. So what does it take? Here you can find the 5 crucial personality traits an entrepreneur must have to succeed in retail.


A lot of people think that entrepreneurs start a business because they want to be rich. But if you are driven by money, you will be soon disappointed. Starting your own business demands a lot of commitment and dedication: you are going to spend an insane amount of hours working, and sometimes for little or nothing. That is why you need to be passionate about your idea. If you have passion, and if you deeply believe that your project is going to change the world (or at least your neighborhood), time won’t matter anymore. And this excitement will be the fuel that will help you going through the highs and lows that will inevitably occur while you will launch your retail project.
–> For instance, how could a tea store become a success story? Discover David’s Tea’s story!


In the business world, there is an universal truth: you’re going to fail. If you want to be an entrepreneur, and more specific a successful one, you have to be able to live with uncertainty and with failure. Winston Churchill used to say ” Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”.You must have the ability to get up and dust yourself off, learn from failure and never give up. Tenacity, resilience, perseverance: call it the way you want. But it is vital to have this quality to turn your idea into a reality
–> Discover how Yvon Chouinard manage Patagonia towards success


A successful entrepreneur doesn’t think his idea could be good, he knows it’s good. Be aware that you will face a lot of problems and unexpected changes. You will have to prove to a lot of people (family, friends, investors…) that your idea is worth the time and money you spend. This real belief in your concept and in yourself will help you facing challenges and making decisions. If you don’t trust your idea, who will?


Even if your idea is very concrete, you will have to tweak it many times. Having a good idea does not mean it is effective. There will be a lot of circumstances that will push you to adapt your plan: new information, market conditions, financial setback etc.As Darwin said: ” It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” In business, adjustment is crucial: adapt or die. Question yourself and admit when your plan is not working. Keep an open mind, ask for advices and remember: if you want your business to be successful, be flexible !
–> Discover Best Buy’s story


Successful entrepreneurs also have another quality in common: they see opportunities everywhere.You have to be curious and in a constant learning process. You should become a sponge: absorb ideas around you! This behaviour will help you find the best practices to be successful in your own business.

If you think you have those skills, you might become a successful entrepreneur. Don’t forget that the rise to success doesn’t come out of nowhere.  In fact, the level of success can only come after years of strong commitment: great things take time.

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