Our Mission

POTLOC's mission is to help entrepreneurs to find the best location for their new businesses. To do so, POTLOC involves every citizen asking them to choose the next stores they would like to see open in each empty stores of their neighboorhood. Potloc's mission is to build links between citizens, entrepreneurs and landlords in order to create smarter neighborhoods !

Our Values

POTLOC advocates civic values, belives in the power of communities and support local economies. POTLOC put the citizen at the center of the selection process of new stores, helping them to be more efficient. It is up to citizens to decide the future of their neighborhoods because they are the main actors.

Our Vision

Building on mobilizing values, a unique mission of its kind and and a commitment to continuous improvement, POTLOC intends to play a leading role in all retail spheres of activity. POTLOC is part of the revival of retail, the heyday of smart cities and the emergence of crowdsourcing.